My favorite books and stories of 2021

Photo by Polina Kovaleva from Pexels

Every year, Bloomberg publishes a “Jealousy List” featuring articles they wish were theirs. This list usually contains very well-written and interesting pieces, hence it’s a great source of inspiration.

This made me think of the outstanding work I’ve read in 2021, and here’s my jealousy list…

The Last Dance With My Dad, by Emily Ziff Griffin

This is the most…

A story about love, mental illness, and society

En Attendant Bojangles (2021) Régis Roinsard (Waiting for Bojangles)

Yesterday, I went to the movie theatre to see Waiting for Bojangles, a French adaptation of the eponymous book. The movie’s theme was clear: reality always comes back to bite you in the a*s.

I’ve read Olivier Bourdeaut’s book Waiting for Bojangles a few years ago. It’s a short novel…

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I write about entrepreneurship, entertainment, and screenwriting. Also a ghostwriter:

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