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Words can undermine you as much as they can give you this little boost you need to keep going. Here’s a selection of six quotes from successful writers to inspire and motivate you on your journey.

Write what scares you

“Write the tale that scares you, that makes you feel uncertain, that isn’t comfortable…

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The New Creator Manifesto recently released a white paper called: “From Dependence to Independence: the Rise of the Independent Creator.” First, you may ask yourself: what is a dependent creator?

“Creators believe they are building a real asset on social media platforms — an audience that can be monetized by…

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Untitled Female-Driven Podcast

The hosts are seasoned TV writers who share valuable advice on the craft and how to get a job in TV.

Favorite episode:Creating Compelling Characters

Screenwriting: From the Trenches

Practical advice on screenwriting.

Favorite episode:Micro-Budget TV Writing” (aka how to do a pilot for $2,000)


One of the biggest screenwriting podcasts out…

Alicia Sekhri

I write about entrepreneurship, entertainment, and screenwriting. Also a ghostwriter:

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